Wim Hooghwinkel wrote: 

> I just discovered that FM 9 has a 'replace font' option or Pod. Using
> option, a (missing) font can be replaced.
> >From what I read on the Adobe web site it should be a replacement for
> former maker.ini modifications as used for FM up to FM8, to
> replace a non available font. But as the maker.ini modification only
> virtually replaces a font, it seems that this 'replace font' option
> definitely replaces the font - it changes the character and paragraph
> formats and these are saved when saving the file.
> Any one knows if this is by design, is it a 'bug' or is there a not
> documented escape after replacing the fonts?

Actually, the font mappings in maker.ini replace fonts permanently if,
in File > Preferences > General, Remember Missing Font Names is turned

And it seems to me that that "escape" from replacing a font is to
replace it again with the previous font. :-)


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