I've noticed that the Paragraph Designer does stick, though where I've 
noticed it is when I try to call the Commands list. I click, and nothing 
happens. At some point the keyboard shortcuts quit working too, and 
eventually I shut down and restart, unless it crashes first.

I'm running stand-alone FM 9 with the first patch on Windows XP SP2.



Susan Corcoran wrote on 05/07/2009 02:00:01 AM:

> ------------------------------
> Hello fellow Framers,
> I've upgraded to FM9 recently and I've found an odd quirk.  I wonder if
> anyone else has seen the paragraph designer get stuck on a single panel?
> I can be working along just fine, and suddenly the paragraph designer
> refuses to switch views between Basic, Default Font, Pagination, etc.  I
> can get the dropdown list of tags, but cannot change the tag name.  I
> can get rid of the panel or pod, but each time I bring up paragraph
> designer, it's still stuck.  Occasionally I can fix this by closing and
> reopening the doc, but more often I have to restart FrameMaker.  I work
> with it in both structured and unstructured and it has happened with
> both.
> Has anyone else seen this or know what could cause it?
> I'm running FM9 through Tech Comm Suite on Windows XP.

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