Hi Peter,

Yes, I've been having a heck of a time trying to link a FM9 book of
books into a RH8 project using the TCS2. RJ's webinar did help, but I'm
still getting everything from the uninformative "Import session failed.
If this error continues please call Technical Support" (which so far
have been pretty unhelpful) to Windows' error messages and RH8 just
killing itself off while trying to generate or update. I even get these
things occurring when doing brand-new projects! This product doesn't
seem ready for prime-time yet, IMHO.

Jeff Coatsworth
Documentation Specialist
Gary Jonas Computing Ltd.
905-886-8511 (fax)
jeff.coatsworth at jonassoftware.com

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Hello everybody,

I just tried evaluating the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 and
found that RoboHelp 8 in particular did not produce consistent results.
I managed to corrupt every project I created only by continuously making
changes in the style mappings from FM to RH and then regenerating.
Sometimes the TOC would not generate at all. Has anyone been using RH8
and has anyone been able to get good results? If so what are you doing
right? Yes I watched the tutorial Adobe produced on FM9 and RH8, which
helped improve my results but it doesn't change the fact that RH8 seems


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