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>I have some chapters that have a lot of embedded pictures.
>I still have the picture sources (e.g., PNG, JPG) in a particular
>Is there a way, in one fell swoop, to convert all the pictures 
>from being embedded to being references?

No, but the Demo version of Mif2Go (free) will export them
all in their original formats, losslessly.  See the User's 
Guide, par. 2.5.3, "Replacing embedded graphics with 
referenced graphics" for a step-by-step procedure for this.

>Doesn't seem there is a way, since I notice that an embedded 
>picture loses its original filename (and path).

Correct, so we give them new names on export.  You can rename
them as you wish in Explorer as part of the process above.
The free demo version is available at:

If you really do have all the original sources, though,
there's no need to export.  Just do the last step:
  6. For each embedded graphic in each FrameMaker file in your
     6.1. Select the image itself (not the frame it is in).
     6.2. Use File > Import > File to replace the embedded
          image with the corresponding graphics file,
          imported by reference. 


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