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DITA and topic-based authoring has opened up a lot of new ways to
collaborate on content development. If you work with geographically
dispersed teams, however, you need to have a "platform" (or "workspace") to
share and exchange your files. This platform can be a content management
system or ...NomaDesk?.

We at Scripto design DITA-based technical documentation for our customers,
and we save this content on a shared, secure NomaDesk? drive. Doing so, we
can invite other parties to participate in this collaborative content
development process:

    * The customer
    * The graphic designer(s)
    * The translator(s)
    * The publisher

You can read the full story
here<http://www.scripto.nu/index.php?q=en/node/99>to learn how we do
it and what we like about it.

Happy reading!

Yves Barbion ? Managing Director ? Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor
www.scripto.nu  ? skype: yves.barbion  ? T: +32 494 12 01 89

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