On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Flato, Gillian <gflato at nanometrics.com> 
> But what about security issues? With online file sharing, your
> competitor could hack into the shared space and steal your trade
> secrets.
> -Gillian

Good question, Gillian.

This is the answer from the people of NomaDesk:

"Fortunately, with NomaDesk, we maximize the security of files through
the following mechanisms:

- browser access through https which means that all access and file
transfer is done over a secure and encrypted connection (SSL)

- verified and trusted server certificate

- secure log in mechanism

- encrypted passwords

- firewall protection

- continuous monitoring and auditing of incoming and outgoing traffic
for inadvertently usage

Btw. NomaDesk has a neat feature when your laptop was lost or stolen
to remotely shred the NomaDesk protected files on your laptop."


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