The pdf I created for press publication of a quarterly journal for a 
nonprofit organization does not have all fonts -- especially base 14 
fonts -- embedded, which is required by the out-of-state printer we are using.

I checked the settings in Distiller 9.0 and "Embed all fonts" is 
checked. But base 14 fonts are exempt.

The printer rep said they can do the embedding for a surcharge, but 
I'd rather not go that route.

I've read up a much as I could handle on base 14 fonts, and have seen 
something called "PDF enhancer" by Apago, which runs $199 for the 
Standard Edition for Windows, $399 for the Professional Edition, and 
lots more for the two server versions. I can't see in their 
descriptions which -- if any -- embeds base 14 fonts, plus I'm not 
crazy about the pricing either.

So what to do?

-- Kenpo in Atlanta

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