I'm not sure I understand you. Are you saying that Distiller has the Base 14 
fonts in the "Never Embed" list? If so, just remove them from that list and 
they will embed when you regenerate the PDF-- assuming you have the fonts 
installed in Windows\Fonts, or located in one of the folders that Distiller 
looks in based on Settings> Font Locations.

Mike Wickham

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Subject: embedding base 14 fonts

> The pdf I created for press publication of a quarterly journal for a
> nonprofit organization does not have all fonts -- especially base 14
> fonts -- embedded, which is required by the out-of-state printer we are 
> using.
> I checked the settings in Distiller 9.0 and "Embed all fonts" is
> checked. But base 14 fonts are exempt.
> The printer rep said they can do the embedding for a surcharge, but
> I'd rather not go that route.
> I've read up a much as I could handle on base 14 fonts, and have seen
> something called "PDF enhancer" by Apago, which runs $199 for the
> Standard Edition for Windows, $399 for the Professional Edition, and
> lots more for the two server versions. I can't see in their
> descriptions which -- if any -- embeds base 14 fonts, plus I'm not
> crazy about the pricing either.
> So what to do?
> -- Kenpo in Atlanta
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