Hi listers,

I would like some feedback on this issue which I am sure most of us face. 
Please write to me directly as most of the time the mails form forums bounces 
and I do not receive them. Not sure about the reason. 

I put in a lot of effort to create an exhaustive training material. It includes 
all information in detail and all the steps too are documentented in simple 
English. The training material is very technical and includes all the required 
details and instructions. Still none of the engineers bother to read the 
contents and when they are at the customer site for training they start 
complaining that nothing is working. The engineers are familiar with the 
product no doubt about it but there are certain "do's" that they ought to know 
and which is documented in the training material which none bother to read. 

I welcome suggestions for improvement in the document or otherwise that will 
prompt the end user to read the training material contents instead simply 
complaining "nothing is working". 


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