Silicon Praire Software (no affiliation with this vendor) has several
plugins for listing and documenting character, paragraph, and table tags.

I find using a multiple-worksheet Excel file helps me document all the
various tags, master page usage, variables, conditional text, color

My clients generally store this document in a folder labelled:

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--- Nancy Allison wrote....

From: Nancy Allison <> 
Subject: Inventory of Template Features 
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Hi, everyone. I've created a template that I'm pretty happy with. It is
structured like a book file and contains separate files for front matter,
preface, body text, and index. 

I am trying to keep track of how I did things in it. For example, I've used
one variable in the headers for the unnumbered chapters (Index, TOC,
Preface). I've used a separate variable in the headers of the numbered
files (chapters and appendixes). This means that I can't carelessly copy
the page layouts from, say, the Index file into the Chapter file, or I'll
have to spend time fixing the headers that I've just wrecked. 

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