Are you using the "Adobe PDF" printer driver? 

All printer drivers for physical printers are programmed with the maximum and 
minimum page dimensions that the printer can physically handle. If you are 
using the printer driver for a printer model that can only handle pages that 
are 11.00" or less in length, you'll never succeed in creating a PDF that uses 
the full length of an A4 page. (In fact, you may not be able to image all the 
way to the top and bottom edges of an 11" page because the driver may be set up 
for non-printing page margins that the printer imposes for paper handling 

Because the Adobe PDF "printer" is virtual, it is not subject to physical paper 
handling constraints and can image all the way to the edge of arbitrary sized 
pages rather than just standard sheet sizes. The driver does ultimately have 
maximum and minimum size limits, of course, but the page sizes range from very 
small (think of small postage stamps) to *very* large (think murals). 

-Fred Ridder

> Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 15:27:42 +0300
> Subject: FM to Acrobat conversion disaster
> From: at
> To: techshoret at; framers at; framers 
> at
> Desperation time. I have a situation that's turning my hair white.
> Trying to PDF a 8.27" by 11.69" from my FrameMaker 7.2 docs via Distiller 9
> to Acrobat 9.
> For some reason, the PDF comes out 11.00" instead of 11.69" cutting off my
> headers and footers.
> I've searched for all locations of Distiller job obtions on my hard disk,
> and all 3 locations have the same joboption file content.
> However, in FrameMaker, in the Print>PDF Settings>PDF Job Options list box,
> the list of job options is incomplete. Somehow, I suspect that the problem
> may lie here somewhere. When I click set, I get a message stating "The
> selected PDF job option does not exist in the current installation. Either
> create this job option or select an available job option. Continue?"
> Please help. Deadline has passed and it's not funny.
> TIA very much,
> David
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