I see that you have received a perfect answer, but I would just like
to add that the size you are talking about is the standard European
A4. (conversion between inches and cm: 2.54:1).


2009/5/18 David Schor <dsch.tw at gmail.com>:
> Desperation time. I have a situation that's turning my hair white.
> Trying to PDF a 8.27" by 11.69" from my FrameMaker 7.2 docs via Distiller 9
> to Acrobat 9.
> For some reason, the PDF comes out 11.00" instead of 11.69" cutting off my
> headers and footers.
> I've searched for all locations of Distiller job obtions on my hard disk,
> and all 3 locations have the same joboption file content.
> However, in FrameMaker, in the Print>PDF Settings>PDF Job Options list box,
> the list of job options is incomplete. Somehow, I suspect that the problem
> may lie here somewhere. When I click set, I get a message stating "The
> selected PDF job option does not exist in the current installation. Either
> create this job option or select an available job option. Continue?"
> Please help. Deadline has passed and it's not funny.
> TIA very much,
> David
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