Hi All,
   I forgot to mention, that I am using FrameMaker 7.0, Adobe Distiller 5.0, 
and SnagIt 9 on Vista Enterprise. 

I also use the distiller to create the PDF, not Save As a PDF. 
Remember, even if your Frame image looks a little 'out of focus' they are 
always better in PDF.  You might want to run a quick PDF just so you can see 
they will be okay, if you are having problems with a few 'difficult' images. 



From: Susan Curtzwiler
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Cc: Susan Curtzwiler
Subject: RE: Screen captures and sizing

Hi All, 
   I just completed a large project - about 240 screen captures - that were 
captured in SnagIt and imported by reference into the FrameMaker files. 
I agree with the last comment, to import at a setting that best accepts the 
size of your image, and as stated, do not use the corner handles to manually 
adjust your images. 

I used SnagIt with two options: the region (static images) and the time delayed 
(drop-down menus). 

We decided to run test samples, since our screens varied in size. 

The decision was to use a range of DPI settings depending on the size of the 
screen capture. 

Basically, I  used a DPI range of 72 to 144 from the small (like the error 
message box size) to the very large, (like the capture of a database screen). 
From that point, once I got a good DPI size, if further adjustments were 
needed, I used the FMKR scale tool and adjusted by percentage to maintain the 
smoothing and aspect ratio. 

Results: The training staff liked the improved images. 

 This process was adapted from info I gathered from this users group, so I hope 
sharing the results helps. 

Good Luck, 


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Subject: Screen captures and sizing


I know that there are many graphics gurus on this list and I will be the
first to admit - I am NOT a graphics guru and it is my weakest point. That
said, I have never had any comments from clients until now about what I do
for screen captures, and I wanted either confirmation or some additional
insight on improvements for taking screen captures.

Here is the current comment from a client: Generally, I would like to keep
high quality of screen captures.

Would like to suggest using a tool that can downscale the images with a
smoothing function to keep high quality appearance. (as appear here, this is
just sub-sampling with no smoothing.)

I use SnagIt as my capture tool. I use the region option and capture either
the relevant portion that I need or if required, I take a capture of the
whole screen. I then save the capture as a .png, and use the import file
function to bring the capture into my Framemaker file. Obviously, the
default dpi is set to the fictitious Windows 96 dpi. I change the capture to
150 dpi and import. If this works for size and clarity, then I am done; if
not, I right-click on the picture and adjust the dpi until I get the size
that works for the page layout and what I am trying to show. (After much
reading on this list, and advice from another colleague, I have learned that
what I was initially taught at a long ago gig - to set the dpi to 300 and
then use the manual sizing handles - is NOT the way to go).

Can any of you graphics gurus give me some insight as to what else I should
be doing/changing or if I am doing it the right way - and if you want to
lecture me off list about dpis and stuff, that is fine with me too. I will
gladly take whatever information I can glean so that I can reply
professionally and non-emotionally to this client about why the pictures
are just fine for PDFs.

Thanks so much,


Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC

www.spectrumwritingllc.com <http://www.spectrumwritingllc.com/>


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