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> I received a complaint from a writer who said that FrameMaker 9 took up so
> much processing power that she could not make a pdf of her 700-page book,
> even though she could do so in FrameMaker 8. We're using Windows XP SP2,
> and she has 3.25 GB of RAM.


With the same 'processing power' at my workstation I observe the 
- IMHO the effect is idependent of FM8 or FM9
- the intermediate file (tps) of my 400 pages FM handout is about 250MB
  due to many screen shots and imbedded PDFs
- the final PDF is about 5.5 MB
- processing time and intermed. file size heavily depend on number of 
  their resolution etc. Scaled down images in the FM document must be 
- 'Save as PDF' creates the intermediate files in the same directories 
as the FM
  file is. If that is a network drive, significant time consumption 
must be
  envisioned! Even an USB disk might hamper your expectations.

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