Hello to all who responded to my query,

Thanks for the responses. It is sincerely appreciated. I will sincerely explore 
the suggestions.

Our documentation (User and Reference Manuals) are made available as part of 
the installation in html (Webworks help) and pdf format. No print format. The 
User/Reference Manuals include ?What?s New in the Release? section with the 
relevant hyper links to User/Reference Manuals for details. The ?Requirements? 
are part of the Installation Guide which is made available as an external file 
as well as part of the installation. The readme.txt that accompanies the 
installer lists all the book names and its contents in brief. 

The training materials are made available to the customers at a cost (who buy 
the tool). This includes the labs with screen shots (step wise instructions) 
plus presentations plus videos. The changes made in the training material is 
provided as ?Readme, I?m new.txt?. I also send mails to the field engineers 
about the changes and asking them to exercise the new features. But 
unfortunately they never respond. For all the major changes the engineers are 
given training through Webinars, which again most of the time is poorly 
attended.  As mentioned earlier, they are familiar with the tool so ignore the 
trainings and the documentation. But there are certain details that they need 
to know before going to the client site for training. At that time their only 
focus is to train and ensure that everything is running fine. When they are 
stuck with the new/modified features they aim the barbsJ. It is probably the 
lack of time and the confidence that ?they
 know everything so do not need to read? is causing this issue. Not sure. 

As already mentioned the new comers are anyway made to go through the training 
to get hands on experience of the product before they actually get down to 

As someone suggested ?how about bribing and violence?. Fortunately or 
unfortunately its not my cup of tea. I was hired to work so let me continue to 
do so. 

We are a very small company so almost everybody is busy with their respective 
projects. It is not always possible to have training sessions. Never thought 
about inserting offers. 


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