Joseph Lorenzini wrote:

> I know framemaker 9 has been really buggy with keyboard shortcuts, but I
> haven't seen anything about this issue. According to the FM 9 help system,
> the keyboard shortcut to open the spell checker is: esc shift+f+i+s. I've
> tried pressing the following on my keyboard: press the ESC button, then
> press shift+f+i+s. Now I've noticed that I haven't been able to get any of
> the esc+shift combos to work, so this may be a user error on my part.

In FrameMaker 8 (and earlier) the shortcut you mention is to *display and 
activate* the spell-check window once it is alraedy open. To invoke the 
spell-check mode and open that window in the first place, the shortcut is Esc, 
e, s (three separate keystrokes). 
Also note that you appear to be misinterpreting Adobe's notation for the 
shortcut. The correct way to type it is as four keystrokes, one of which is 
compound. In other words: Esc, F (shift + f), i, s.

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