Hi, Frameusers,

When trying to print a FrameMaker 8 document to PDF, I keep getting this error 
message that begins with ?Internal Error 8004, 6964255, 4843886, 4843614?  
after crashing with a particular book. Now it looks like the PDF creation is 
corrupted. I am using v8.0p277 on Windows Vista operating system with the 
latest service pack version. I have 2 Gig of memory and over half of free disk 
space. In addition, I always use .gif files for our graphics. For graphics 
resizing, I use SnagIT tool.

I can continue to use FrameMaker but I can't create a PDF using the Save Book 
As PDF. Is there a way to "Recover" the application without re-installing it?  
Please direct me, how to resolve this problem. Please do the needful.


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