First, make sure that all files in the book are open before trying to
create the PDF.

But in general, using SaveAs is not the recommended procedure to
create a PDF. Print the book file to the Adobe PDF printer instance
instead. (On the print dialog box, DO NOT check "Print to File").

If that doesn't work, is the book failing at the same point? If so,
check to see what's on that page.

Another debugging tool you may want to try is printing either groups
of chapters or individual chapters to see if there is a problem page
or file that's causing the problem.


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On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Ajay <ajay_farate at> wrote:
> Hi, Frameusers,
> When trying to print a FrameMaker 8 document to PDF, I keep getting this 
> error message that begins with ?Internal Error 8004, 6964255, 4843886, 
> 4843614? ?after crashing with a particular book. Now it looks like the PDF 
> creation is corrupted. I am using v8.0p277 on Windows Vista operating system 
> with the latest service pack version. I have 2 Gig of memory and over half of 
> free disk space. In addition, I always use .gif files for our graphics. For 
> graphics resizing, I use SnagIT tool.
> I can continue to use FrameMaker but I can't create a PDF using the Save Book 
> As PDF. Is there a way to "Recover" the application without re-installing it? 
> ?Please direct me, how to resolve this problem. Please do the needful.
> Thanks,
> Ajay
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