Hi All, 

Thanks again for your help.
Frame 7 on Vista Enterprise

Yes, I did take a small sample and used the table in Frame to sort by columns, 
that looks okay, but will this retain the links like a regular TOC, can I make 
this a generated list and remove  the table borders? 

The titles of the Work Instructions do have a paragraph tag and currently 
presented as shown below on the first page of the Work Instruction.  This 
generates fine as a Table of Contents. 

Current Set Up:   (only in the order as presented in each chapter, no alpha or 
numeric order)
Gone With the Wind (023)
StarTrek (012) 
The L.A. Story (063)

Want to be Set Up: (a new generated list to put all 60+ titles in numeric 
order)    I have the alpha order to work with, I can move the WI number to the 
front of the title, just need to make it with links.   I can place them in a 
table and do the sort by column -- then what? 

012 StarTrek
023 Gone With the Wind
063 The L.A. Story

This new arrangement would provide the users (floor technicians and trainers) a 
faster way to locate the Work Instruction in the Runbook.  With a generated 
list, then in the PDF file, they can point and click, just like in the TOC.  

Finally, I want to name this list as a Quick Index and place it at the end of 
the book.  Can I do that as an appendix, or leave it as a generated file and 
simply move it to the end of the book file? 



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Assuming the "work instructions" are controlled by a unique paragraph
tag, that would be the default order if you generate a TOC for the
book or file and only specify that type of tag. The links are
generated automatically when you generate a PDF for the book if you
activate the Acrobat functions from the Print dialog box.


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On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 10:25 PM, Susan Curtzwiler <SusanCu at vmc.com> wrote:
> Using FMKR 7.0, Acrobat Distiller 5.0, Vista Enterprise on HP laptop.
> Thanks so much for all your help with the alpha sort last week. Now, the team 
> wants me to sort by number.
> For example:  023 StarTrek, 012 Gone With the Wind, 063 The L.A. Story.
> We want to have the names of the Work Instructions listed by their 
> corresponding number, like this:
> 012 StarTrek
> 023 Gone With the Wind
> 063 The L.A. Story
> So far what I have done is to copy a small test section of my alpha file to 
> Word, sort by number and then take it back to FrameMaker.  However, then, I 
> don't have the hyperlink to the FM file anymore.
> Any suggestions to get the same results as the alpha sort -- only need to 
> point and click in the final PDF to access the desired file?
> Thanks,
> Sue Curtzwiler
> susancu at vmc.com

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