Yeah, I agree, that would be the other possibility (which is why I
thew in that "may" disclaimer...).
I'm not sure what worked and what didn't in 7.2.


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On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Stuart Rogers
<srogers at> wrote:
> Art Campbell wrote:
>> Since those are para tags and not variables, Fred's solution is also
>> what I'd do.
>> There seems to be another problem though, in the order in which the
>> paratags are read in the TOC, because your example shows them out of
>> order. To fix that, I believe all you need to do is re-order the
>> strings in the Contents block on the Reference page, but you'd need to
>> test that.
>> *** You may want to make a backup copy of your TOC file before you
>> start making the mods...***
> Re-ordering the strings on the ref. page *may* work, but I have a feeling
> the DateRev pgf is occurring before the RevNum pgf in the chapter file. ?I
> believe that would cause the result we see now, since the TOC gets built in
> the order the pgfs are encountered in the text.
> If I'm right, then the OP needs to re-arrange the content pages so the two
> pgfs occur in the order he wants to see them in the TOC, and then use Fred's
> run-in pgf setting in the designer to get them on one line.
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