Stuart Rogers wrote:

> Re-ordering the strings on the ref. page *may* work, but I have a 
> feeling the DateRev pgf is occurring before the RevNum pgf in the 
> chapter file. I believe that would cause the result we see now, since 
> the TOC gets built in the order the pgfs are encountered in the text.
> If I'm right, then the OP needs to re-arrange the content pages so the 
> two pgfs occur in the order he wants to see them in the TOC, and then 
> use Fred's run-in pgf setting in the designer to get them on one line.

You're exactly correct, Stuart. The TOC can only include the specified 
paragraphs in the order in which Frame finds them as it works its way through 
the text flow. If the DateRev comes before the RevNum in the text flow, that's 
the order in which they'll appear in the TOC.

It might be possible/practical to use a script to post-process the TOC, but the 
only real solution is to change the source files, if that is possible. 

-Fred Ridder

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