One distinction is that Adobe generally does not actually produce complete new 
releases of their software products for minor point releases and bug fixes. 
Rather, they issue patches that are applied to an installed copy of an 
underlying release version. Their practice has been to only refer to complete 
release versions by a major.minor.point numbering scheme, while the updaters 
(or patches) are identified by a p-prefix patch number. This is prefectly 
logical, since full releases and patches are fundamentally different kinds of 
software deliverables. 

Where things get murkier is what you will see in the About... window after you 
have installed an update or patch. Historically, Adobe has indicated the base 
release number followed by the patch number. But it appears that they are 
transitioning away from this in favor of displaying a major.minor.point version 
number which has to be cross-referenced against the patch number. They also 
seem to be transitioning their download website to the major.minor.point 
numbering for new downloads, but I suspect that the executables that one 
downloads are still named according to the patch number since decimal-delimted 
version numbers do not work well in filenames.

-Fred Ridder

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> That's good to know, Shlomo. Thank you. As a person involved in the
> development and support of proprietary software, I find it incredible that
> the coders use different version numbers than the support team. It's such a
> simple thing that would eliminate the kind of confusion felt by Jeremy.
> Perhaps the Adobe reps who monitor this list might reconsider that aspect of
> the system.
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