I am on a tight deadline for a deliverable and this deliverable was
originally successfully developed in FM7.2 . I simply don't have the time,
energy or fortitude at this point to deal with FM9.0 (all its quirks, all
those damn pods, etc.) My questions: 

1.) Are files developed in FM7.2 eligible for import or linking into RH8.0?
If yes, are there any known issues or gotchya's with which I might have to

2.) If these files are not compatible, when I open them in FM8.0 and get
that message about converting an earlier version to 9.0, is the conversion
complete? In other words, if I open 7.2 files in 9.0 and say save as 9.0, is
this file truly and completely a 9.0 file now going forward (i.e., one that
can be used in RH8?) or are there any remnants/ghosts of 7.2 past that
remain that prevent the file from being OK to link or import in RH8.0? 

Any and all other thoughts, insight, or advice are appreciated. Call me
shell-shocked, paranoid, whatever, but at this point, it's a label that is
well earned and rightfully still in place - LOL~~~


Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC

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