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I came across the following situation (FM-9, but this does not matter):

- A documentation company using the French version of FM has developed 
  template and created documentation, for example, a maintenance 
  Since they are `French? the template uses style names such as texte,
  titre-1 and titre-2. The table of contents file is named 
  the relevant style names are titre-1TDM and titre-2TDM (Table De

- It is not a problem using the German version of FM to maintain such a
  book and re-generate the table of contents. Everything works fine.

- But when you use this `French? template for a new FM book, you are
  not happy with the results when adding the table of contents to the 
  Although you set up the TOC file with suffix TDM, the existing style
  names titre-1TDM and titre-2TDM are not used by the process. Instead 
  style names titre-1IVZ and titre-2IVZ (InhaltsVerZeichnis) are 
  and used for example in the reference page.

This seems to be a result of an early mislead localistion process 
to the attempt of MS to translate the macro language of Word, which
created havoc).

How to get a correctly formatted table of contents with the German

I see only this method:
- Make a copy of the template and rename the 'automatic' 'french' style
  names to 'german' ones: titre-1TDM => titre-1IVZ
- The flow on the reference page must be renamed from TDM to IVZ.
- Build the book from this template
- Insert a TOC using the 'german' suffix IVZ to avoid confusion. 
  The process will use the 'german' styles titre-1IVZ etc. and the TOC
  will be correctly formatted from the beginning.

Is this correct?
I expected that the setting of the suffix would also influence the 
of the automatically generated styles and reference page - but this is
wishful thingking

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