How do you reapply a paragraph tag that has an override in FrameMaker 9? In
FM7, you simply clicked in the paragraph, then selected the tag from the
dropdown list. FM let you know the override was successfully removed by
removing the asterisk (*) in the lower left corner. Now that no longer seems
to work.


Yes, that's correct with FrameMaker 9 you must find a new way to reapply a
paragraph tag:

1.      Locate the paragraph with paragraph format and asterisk (*) 
2.      Open the Paragraph Catalog and reselect the paragraph format.
Result: The paragraph with the local override will be reapply from the
catalog format.

If want to get a list of all overrides, take TOOLBOX forR FrameMaker,
feature: "List a paragraph overrides",
then there are features to solve it: "Apply paragraph property changes in
all open books" ...:  <>

- Georg

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