If you want to assign a master page for a body page: 

(1) Create a custom Master Page: Choose Special > Add Master Page
(2) With a body page displayed, choose Format > Page Layout > Master Page

Assigning master pages to body pages containing paragraph tags:
Frame 7 or earlier: 
Take TOOLBOX forR FrameMaker, Feature: Assign a master page to body page:

Frame 8 and higher: 
Create a paragraph with new page specially for this custom page.
To assign a master page to body pages on which a paragraph tag appears:
(1) Choose View > Reference Pages.
(2) Click the Next Page button until the five-column UnstructMasterPageMaps
table appears.
If the mapping table does not appear in the reference pages, choose Format >
Page Layout > Apply Master Pages.
(3) For Book Update (Yes or No), type Yes or No to determine whether the
specified master page will be applied when you choose Apply Master Pages
from a book.
(4) Edit the mapping table
(5) When you are done, choose View > Body Pages.
(6) Make the appropriate document window or book window active. If a book
window is active, select the documents you want to affect.
(7) Choose Format > Page Layout > Apply Master Pages, and then click Yes to
override manually applied master pages.

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