I did a search for "creating epub from pdf" and got a bunch of hits. One of
them seems to be just what you may be looking for:


David Spreadbury
Sr. Technical Writer

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Have any of you used or seen the use of the *.epub format in the technical
writing communities? Also, do you know of Microsoft or Acrobat methods for
producing the format? I couldn't find any information on the Microsoft site,
and the Acrobat site mainly mentioned use of InDesign to produce the format.
I downloaded an Open Document converter, but I would really like to just
convert my PDFs to EPUBs, to test their useability on a Sony ereader.

My understanding is that PDFs don't by themselves automatically reflow text
to make it more easily readable on an ebook screen, but epub files do.

Kay Speed
Technical Writer/Trainer
Netsweeper Inc.

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