Hi All, 
   Using Frame 7.0 on Vista Enterprise

Something happened to my file when I used Save As to a new version.

Suddenly, chapters and files within the chapters that used to start on a right 
page and have an odd numbered page number, now have an even page number. 

> Checkpoint 1:  I looked at my Paragraph for headings etc., style settings, 
> and they say "start on right page"  for a new Work Instruction title and a 
> new Chapter title.
> Checkpoint 2:  I went to "Numbering"  the title page of the document and the 
> front matter pages seem to be correct, but when the actual chapters and other 
> files begin, the pagination has shifted. 

Also, my table numbering got messed up - occasionally, the title is repeated 
twice for the same table, one is showing as a body style and one is part of the 
table format, which obviously ruins the table numbering. 

Checkpoint 1:  It looks like I can delete the title that is showing up as a 
"body" style.  It's just that not all the tables are using the title that is 
part of the Table Design Style - such as  - Format A and so on. 


1. Most important first,  how do I fix the pagination?

2. How do I fix the tables and figure numbering. 

3. I Need to save the book file and the individual files on share point, I 
would like to give this a new version for an internal release  - such as 
version 3.2.

Thank you for any help you can give me. 
Sue Curtzwiler
susancu at vmc.com

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