Andersen, Verner Engell wrote:

> I have FM8. I use several conditional text settings in my documents.
> issue is that some are only used in one chapter.
> Some chapter may be unconditional, i.e. "paper" only, some "paper" and
> "online", some "release x + 1" etc.
> So far I have imported all conditions to all chapters even if they
> not used in the chapter. If, for example, I want to set all chapters
> "paper" I import conditional text settings from a chapter alreasdy set
> to "paper" to all chapters in the book.
> It works fine but it is a bit annoying having conditional text tags in
> chapters that do not need them.

You don't need to import condition settings to show the "paper"
condition throughout the book. In the book window, select all files.
Then select View > Show/Hide Conditional Text and make the settings you
want in the dialog box. 

That said, what's annoying about having condition tags in chapters that
don't need them? It's not like they're constantly getting in the way.

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