No one in Adobe Technical Support or Adobe Customer Support is authorized
to discuss product pricing with customers, even if they did know the factors
behind same.

Product pricing at Adobe is done via product managers and is not discussed
with any of the engineering or support organizations within Adobe.

Any response you get on this forum will be strictly speculation.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Adobe's upgrade rort
> Can anyone explain to me why it is that Adobe charges USD399 for the
> upgrade of FrameMaker to version 9 for domestic customers but USD515
> for the same thing for International customers.
> There are no shipping costs when it has been downloaded and even if
> shipping were included I don't see how they can charge USD116 for
> shipping a small box anyway.
> No I haven't asked Adobe, who there could possibly tell me. Certainly
> no one on the helpdesk.
> Alan

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