Wow, I learn new vocabulary on this list. My dictionary tells me:

> rort |r?rt|
> noun Austral., informal
> 1 [often with adj. ] a fraudulent or dishonest act or practice : a  
> tax rort.
> 2 a wild party.

I assume you are not talking about the admission fee to a wild upgrade  
party ;-)

The price difference was noted in other places as well, but... as Dov  
pointed out, it is the responsibility of product management to find  
the "right" price. There is the concept of value-based pricing; each  
company is trying to optimize the profit by charging as much as  
possible without reducing the buying rate. If strategic considerations  
like "do nothing that loyal, existing customers might consider unfair"  
are always weighed in as much as we would like, I don't know.

In the past there were two editions of FrameMaker: an English-only  
version, and an international version which could be installed with  
English, French, German, or Japanese UI. I don't know if that is still  

In the end it comes down to value: If the upgrade price is too high,  
you have to skip it.

- Michael

Am 18.10.2009 um 21:40 schrieb Alan Litchfield:

> Can anyone explain to me why it is that Adobe charges USD399 for the
> upgrade of FrameMaker to version 9 for domestic customers but USD515
> for the same thing for International customers.
> There are no shipping costs when it has been downloaded and even if
> shipping were included I don't see how they can charge USD116 for
> shipping a small box anyway.
> No I haven't asked Adobe, who there could possibly tell me. Certainly
> no one on the helpdesk.

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