OK, if Frame can generate a PDF of the document with the photo in
place, it's unlikely to be Frame that's the problem. Which would leave
your physical printer or something else in the system as suspects.

Second, although you're copying the JPG in, that's not a recommended
way to handle most graphics and may be part of the problem, if your
system doesn't have enough RAM or other resources to handle it. Try
importing the graphic by reference, and also opening the JPG in a
graphics program and saving it out as a new file and perhaps a new
file format.

Can you provide more details on your system, RAM, OS, and whatever
printer you're using?

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On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Gordon Maney <gmaney at mestek.com> wrote:
> I have used Framemaker for about eight years. I have had very few
> problems with documents. I now have a document that won't print a photo
> imported as a .jpg file. I do this all the time and have no problems. I
> discover it is the document and not the photo. I am unsure as to why
> this problem developed, and have made some tests with alternative
> images, to no avail. It prints a gray box, as it would if the link for a
> linked photo was broken. I always use the copy into document approach.
> The document will generate a .pdf that prints successfully, which tells
> me something.
> I am going to try a new document, copying and pasting all contents of
> this one into it. No matter what, I can get past this document. I am
> wondering if anyone can shed useful light on this, enabling me to avoid
> such a situation in the future.
> Thank you for your help,
> Gordon Maney
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