Gordon, it's great that you've discovered the resource that is this
list. The folks around here tend to be both very skilled and very
helpful -- and you can't ask for much more than that.

I suspect you'll find it impractical to try to read everything all of
the time. For me, the easiest thing is to use an e-mail reader that can
sort list topics by thread automatically -- Outlook or gmail, for
instance. I keep an eye on my unread mail folder from time to time
throughout the day. Within the Unread Mail folder, I keep the current
view arranged by conversation. On less hectic days, I'll skim more
expansively and likely read most of the messages. If the schedule is not
overly pinched or the question looming seems to be a quick-and-easy
answer, I'll see whether I might be able to pitch in with a response
that I hope will be helpful. When days are hectic, I'll skim the threads
from time to time. If something seems significantly interesting or
pertinent, I'll wade chronologically through the first few messages to
test whether it really is. On really crazy weeks, the list may be
largely ignored until a relatively calmer time returns. The busier I get
the more likely, too, that whole threads not directly relevant to my
work will get wiped out with one stroke of the delete key.


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I greatly appreciate the value to be found in this mailing list. I admit
I am really accustomed to using web forums, and have no experience using
lists such as this.

It has been hard for me to engage with the emails and be able to pick my
way meaningfully through the information. It is often confusing to me.
It seems that to stay connected with the process you would have to read
absolutely everything, all the time, otherwise the chain is broken. 

My question is this: How do you engage with this mechanism so you can
best understand the flow of content and follow topics?

Thank you,
Gordon Maney


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