What I am looking for?is not a download.?The suite is very heavy, and I do not 
have so much bandwidth.

I am looking for a TCS2 trial CD/DVD.
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Jeff Coatsworth wrote:
> Login to Adobe & go to
> http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=tcs
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> trial of Adobe TCS2 - all gone!
> Hi Jenny,
> Could you tell me how to get it from Adobe? I am in India. I visited
> www.adobe.com and could not find any link for getting the 30-day
> trial.

Or: http://www.runaware.com/clients/adobe/techsuite/

(which you eventually (*eventually!*) get to from adobe.com, Products menu, All 
Products dropdown list, Technical Communications Suite 2, GO, TestDrive Now 
(hidden as the last link on the page or off to the right under Next Steps.? 

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