Hi Ulrike,

You might consider using structured FrameMaker in conjunction with our
AXCM plugin. With that, you can conditionalize whole chapters and much
more. I do it regularly. I agree with the sentiment that multiple books
is cumbersome and error prone. 

AXCM is completely free... you can

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Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 12:54:16 +0200
From: "Ulrike Forsberg (UFO)" <u...@thrane.com>
Subject: can a chapter in a book be set to conditional?
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Hi Framers,
I have a book file with a number of chapters and appendices. I use the
same book file for 3 manuals, which I control with 3 conditional text
One of the appendices is only used in 2 of the manuals. Can I make this
appendix conditional?
My fallback solution is to make a separate book for this manual. I'd
prefer though to have a single book.

Thanks for your time,

Ulrike Forsberg
Technical writer


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