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>Reminder:  FM7  and Acrobat Distiller 5.0  on Vista Enterprise
>    Option 2 worked great.  But I have a question.
>In that setup page there is this note  (partial excerpt):
>If you always regenerate PDF after adding new links, turn this setting 
>OFF. This is the recommended setting.
>I regenerate the FM file to do updates and to get ready to make a new 
>PDF,,, but I'm not regenerating a PDF file.
>Could you please explain this for me?

I'm afraid you have to try and and approach the original author for an 
explanation of the recommendation present in the dialog box...

The more named destinations you have in a PDF, the larger the file size is. 
This setting was introduced in FM6 to help reduce the PDF file size.

When "Create Named Destinations for All Pgfs" is turned off , some 
cross-references and hypertext links may be non-functional in the PDF.

I much prefer a PDF where all links work as expected, even if its file size 
is larger by 20-25%.

If the file size is critical, I would recommend other ways to reduce the 
file size (including that portion related to named destinations, but not 
through FrameMaker).

Unfortunately, there is no lack of PDFs authored in FM demonstrating the 
outcome of having this option turned off, including PDFs from Adobe -- see (109 bad links in Adobe FrameMaker 
7.2 "Structure Application Developer's Guide").

Shlomo Perets

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