Hi, Rick.

I use "Shadow Protect" from www.storagecraft.com ... works very, very
well for me! Check out their 30 day trial version and you may be hooked.

Automatically, I do a weekly drive image on Monday mornings, hourly
backups during the day on every day of the rest of the week onto an
attached USB drive.

I can recover any version of a file up to an hour late max. The hourly
backup takes less than a minutes ... usually just a few seconds.

I *particular* like the ability to "mount" the backup image as a drive
and then can easily use Windows File Explorer or *any* file access tool
to get to the files I need - quite transparent!

The only limitation I have found is that if you try to restore a
complete image of a partition (due to a disk failure or something like
that), the new drive partition has to be as large (or larger) than the
original disk partition you backed up. Yes, there are some partition
"compression" tools available in the bootable CD bootable (for the
restore) to get a "smaller" image, but this only takes you down some
ways - this is a natural result if the original disk is fragmented. L


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Please excuse the cross-posting and the off-topic request, but I have
received excellent advice from you over the years.

Having just survived a hard drive meltdown, with the loss of some data,
I am
looking for recommendations for backup software. I normally back up my
but it is still a pain to reinstall all of my programs and set things up
after a disaster. Is there a way to make a disk image that can be used
that the OS, applications, etc. can be restored? This may be asking too
much, but it would be nice to be able to restore everything, including
OS, after a hardware failure. Any advice and recommendations would be
appreciated. Thanks.

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