> Having just survived a hard drive meltdown, with the loss of some data,
> I am
> looking for recommendations for backup software.

Check out EMC Retrospect. I use Retrospect Professional. It comes with 
licenses for itself and two additional clients, and you can buy more 
licenses very inexpensively. I put the main program on a computer that I use 
for nothing but backup storage.  A client installs on each computer I want 
to back up. I have it set to automatically backup each computer over the 
network every night. I can restore individual files or everything, including 
the OS, when a hard disk fries. It's saved my butt more than once.

A lot of people just use the program as a standalone on their sole computer, 
backing up to CD, DVDs, etc. That's a lot more work, though.

Mike Wickham

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