The updater in my TCS2 FM9 does not work. Clicking Help > Updates yields 

I tried the 9.0p250 link sent by Mr. Jacquez. The 9.0.3 update downloaded 
OK, but it will not install because my FM version is wrong.

Looking at the Adobe Updates for FM9, I see 9.0.1, 9.0.2, 9.03. Since my 
FM9 updater does not work, I manually downloaded these updates.

9.0.1 downloaded and installed fine. My FM9 is now at 9.0p230.

9.0.2 downloads a corrupt file. It will not install. The downloaded file 
size is 11.32 KB, yet it is supposed to be 21.6 MB.

9.0.3 downloaded OK, but will not install because my FM version is wrong 
(it wants 9p237, which I presume is installed by the 9.0.2 update).

Has anyone had any luck with downloading and installing 9.0.2?


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