I have never understood why software vendors release free patches that are
NOT cumulative in proportion to the licensed base version.

Today, where almost everyone has broadband Internet connections and is able
to download huge data amounts, it seem a little narrow-sighted to release
"small" executable "patchers" that change the currently installed executable
"image" of certain application components, rather than simply letting us
uninstall, preserve our settings AND license activation, and then just
re-install the new version.

The Adobe Updater generally works quite OK, but it has its problems with
users hidden behind enterprise firewalls. Hence, to honor users living in an
environment where the Adobe Updater does not work, Adobe should release new
installers that catch up the new stuff AND perform a full install, so you
DON'T need to install the base version, then patch 1, then patch 2, then
patch 3 etc., which is a complete waste of time for everyone.

Separate installers that install the complete, most recent version - i.e.
cumulative in all aspects in proportion to the licensed base version -
should in my opinion be made available to all registered licensees without
regard to limitations in the Adobe Updater.

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