Try entering? \=? (the "magic sauce" for an en dash in a dialog box) or? \m? 
(for an em dash) in the custom leader character box.? 

On screen in FM, it may look as though there are slight gaps (especially at 
different zoom settings), but make a PDF and they should connect.

? Les

--- On Wed, 9/30/09, Michael Kerrisk <michael.kerrisk at> wrote:

I have a simple question (I think). I Would like to create a visual effect 
(that will be repeatedly used) where a some text on a line is tabbed to the 
right margin, and preceded by an unbroken line that sits at the mid-level of 
the characters in the text. Roughly it would look like this:

?------------------------------------------ mytext

where the final "t" falls at the right margin. The idea is that the line should 
be unbroken (unlike my ASCII line above), as one might get by splicing together 
a series of en- or em-dashes.

I can get something close to this effect using a Right Tab, and specifying the 
leader character as underscore (_):

?________________________ mytext

But the problem is that the line falls at the bottom on the characters, when I 
want it in the middle. 

I don't seem to be able to specify an en- or em-dash as the leader character 
for the tab. But perhaps I missed something. Is this possible (and will it 
produce the result I want)? Failing that, is there another way of achieving the 
kind of effect I'm describing?

I am using FrameMaker 7.2. (If what I'm wanting to do is possible only in a 
later version of FrameMaker, that would be interesting to know.)



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