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> Did you try setting it up with n-dashes instead of m? Because they're
> smaller, you may get a smoother line because they can adjust to the
> length in smaller increments...

Thanks everyone (especially Rick Quatro) for your tips on and off
list. I got a solution that works well, I think. It went like this:

In the paragraph designer:
* Using Commands, create a new format: LineLeader; uncheck the Apply
to selection box, but leave Store in Catalog checked.
* Under the Basic tab, double click New Tab Stop to set a new tab stop
for this tag: 6.5 Right, with \m as a custom leader;
* Under the Basic tab, under Indents set indent of the First line to
0.125? (this number may need tweaking, depending on font and font
* Under the Numbering tab, set Autonumber format with \t. Click Update all.
* Under the Default font tab, set the Family to the desired monospace
font (I used courier new for my example)
* Return to the text insertion point, and type in the desired text
that should follow the tab leader.

At this point, I was near what I wanted , but there is still a small
amount of whitespace to the left of the leader line. Fixed as follows.

Switch to character designer
* Under Commands, create a new format, we?ll use the name Dash.
* Under Commands, for Dash, select "Set Window to as is"
* For Dash, set Spread to -100%
* Click update all

Go back to paragraph designer
* Under the Numbering tab, set "character format" as Dash.
* Click Update all. The pesky space to the left of the leader is now gone!



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