Ken Poshedly wrote:

> The problem was that no matter what I did, a preceding hyphen (dash, 
> whatever) appeared with the numerical page number digit.
> Apparently, the problem was caused by a glitch. For instance, in the TOC I 
> was working on, the variable definition for current page number is shown as 
> <$curpagenum> with no hyphen included, yet a hyphen always preceded the 
> numerical digit.
> I followed suggestions from you guys to import the format of another TOC 
> instead of using the format of my body chapters. It worked. 
> Note that now the variable definition for current page number is still shown 
> as <$curpagenum> with no hyphen, and NO hyphen precedes the numerical digit.
> Go figure.

This is perfectly logical. The variable is only the number, exactly as it 
should be. The hyphen was included as a literal character in the layout of the 
headers and footers for your chapter files, exactly as it should be. If you use 
the *same* template with the same page layouts for the TOC, you get a literal 
hyphen when you don't want it because it's part of the standard page layout. To 
get rid of it, you need to have a different page layout design for the TOC 
pages, either by adding custom master pages for the TOC to the standard 
template or by using a custom template for the TOC. 

-Fred Ridder

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