Hi Rich,

Perhaps I did misunderstand you. Before posting my original request for help 
last week, I, of course, made sure that no chapter number was to be included in 
the footer and then checked the master page and footer of the TOC-in-progress. 
And yes, there was NO chapter number but there was a hyphen followed by the 
pound sign (#). And it could not be selected and deleted.

And in checking the current page number variable definition, I made sure there 
was no hyphen preceding the open bracket "<" for "$curpagenum" , but the 
hyphen?still appeared in the master page footer for current page number. It 
continues to baffle me that no hyphen is in the variable definition but it 
appears anyway and cannot be slected for deletion in the master page view.

It's sort of like a cartoon I saw some time ago of a scientist in front of a 
nearly full chalkboard?of mathematical equations and at the very end are the 
words, "And then a miracle happens."

In any case, I accept that you are correct and I?have much to learn from you.

-- Kenpo

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Ken Poshedly wrote: 

> Apparently, the problem was caused by a glitch. For instance, in the TOC I
> was working on, the variable definition for current page number is shown as
> <$curpagenum> with no hyphen included, yet a hyphen always preceded the
> numerical digit.

Not at all a glitch. You were using the master pages from your chapters, which 
have the hyphen in their footers between the chapter number and page number. I 
explained this to you. Maybe I wasn't sufficiently clear... 

> I followed suggestions from you guys?to import the format of another TOC
> instead of using the format of my body chapters. It worked.
> Note that now the variable definition for current page number is still
> shown as <$curpagenum> with no hyphen, and NO hyphen precedes the numerical
> digit.
> Go figure.

Go learn about master pages. :-)

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