I have been making some preparations for a work project, and so I've 
been trying to gather additional information on FrameMaker 11.  So far, 
my results have been disappointing.

I want to research on the "Hunspell" dictionary functionality, but all I 
can find is just ONE single reference in the User Guide [and online 
Help] to a setting on the Edit > Preferences dialog.  No further 
information at all.

I then decided to read the "FrameMaker 11 - Read me.pdf" file, which is 
part of the FrameMaker 11 trial software package that was downloaded at 
the end of June, but there appears to be some confusion:

* "FrameMaker 11 - Read me.pdf" file - "System requirements"
takes you to the Adobe special Error404 page.
I suspect they meant to say:

* "FrameMaker 11 - Read me.pdf" file - "Installation Instructions"
     "For detailed instructions on installation, visit the installation 
page: http://www.adobe.com/go/cs_install_instruct_en";

Creative Suite 6 Installation Instructions?
OK.  I thought FM11 was part of the TC suite.

* "FrameMaker 11 - Read me.pdf" file - "Trial software"
     "You can convert from a trial to a full version at any time by 
either purchasing a copy of the product or signing up for a subscription"

Really?  No wonder why there's been so much discussion on this list 
about the subject.
Where do I find further information on this?

* "FrameMaker 11 - Read me.pdf" file "Known Issues"?

Adobe special Error404 page again.

So, I'm still none the wiser about Hunspell.   Oh well.

// Simon

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