Besides being a matter of taste (which really cannot be argued), font choice 
cannot be done intelligently without knowing  *lot* of other information, such 
- medium of the deliverable (printed, PDF, HTML, eBook, etc.)
- page size (if fixed, or range of page size if variable)
- column width and point size (which together determine the point size range)
- leading
- nature of content (fiction, general non-fiction, scholarly writing, technical 
documentation, etc.)
- natural organization of content (all text in long paragraphs vs. text blocks 
broken up by shorter paragraphs and/or lists vs. text with lots of tables and 
figures, etc.)

What works well for the kind of technical content I work with most of the time 
(long, complex sentences but often fairly short paragraphs, and lots of tables 
and bulleted lists) is very different from what I would use for some of the 
general non-fiction I edit on the side. And neither of those correspond to what 
I prefer to see when I read fiction.   

If you asked this question over on the Techwr-l list, I'm sure you'd get a 
flood of highly opinionated answers. If you asked it on the copyeditors list, I 
think you'd get a handful of "it depends" answers similar to mine since there 
are some actual book designers on that list. But over here in the world of 
FrameMaker, I'm not sure that we have a lot of people who fancy themselves font 

-Fred Ridder

To: Framers at
Subject: OT:  Font suggestions for book?
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 08:42:48 -0700

Hi everyone, I?m not sure whether this post went through, so I?m trying again.  
In the past, I?ve worked on writing, editing, and functional template design, 
but in general I?ve left ?pretty stuff? such as font selection to others. So I 
really don?t know what fonts might be most readable, or most popular, or how to 
pair a body and a heading font, or the like. Of course, much is written all 
over the Internet, but I thought that here, there would be people with specific 
experience writing and publishing books. So that is why I have directed this 
inquiry here. I hope it?s okay. :) Thanks,ElchananFrom: VLM TechSubs 
[mailto:TechSubs at] 
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 3:22 PM
To: Framers; Free Framers
Subject: OT: Font suggestions for book? Greetings everyone, I?m working in FM 
8, Win 7 x64 on a book that will be published this Fall. I?ve now been asked to 
do the book design, in addition to most of the writing and basic template 
design. The subject matter is primarily financial ? it?s a book about the 
history of taxation. It?s not a scholarly work at all, but rather one designed 
to ?wake up? American teens and young adults to some of the issues involved. 
Footnotes are used here and there, but more for explanation of 
background/details than in a traditional sense as references. The book will be 
published in a standard 6x9 format, paperback.  All that having been said ? 
What are people?s favorite or recommended fonts for such a project. And since 
this is being published on a shoestring budget with a nonprofit/educational 
bent, suggestions of free fonts would be most welcome.  Well, thanks in 
advance! Best regards,Elchanan

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