Yes, an .lck file is created but perhaps it no longer does what it used to do 
before. Capisce?

-- Ken in Atlanta

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Subject: Re: "FrameMaker has detected a problem and must quit" Really?!

That's a pretty radical change. Does FM11 not create .lck files when
you open an .fm file?

On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 8:55 AM, Ken Poshedly <poshedly at> wrote:
> I just learned from Adobe tech support (via phone call) that the permissions 
> FrameMaker 11.0 have been modified so that the data files should also be on 
> same hard drive where FM 11.0 is installed. Working across drives (FM here, 
> files there) is no longer an accepted practice -- at least not with FM11.
> I guess this explains the flaky, intermittent nature of my coworker's FM 
> because that (the "wrong" way is just how we've been doing things here.
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