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> I just learned from Adobe tech support (via phone call) that the permissions 
> in
> FrameMaker 11.0 have been modified so that the data files should also be on 
> the
> same hard drive where FM 11.0 is installed. Working across drives (FM here, 
> data
> files there) is no longer an accepted practice -- at least not with FM11.

Seriously? I can understand network-based locations causing issues, but I have 
_never_ seen a problem where an executable (FrameMaker or otherwise!) is on one 
drive and the "data" files are on a separate drive _on the *same* system_.

In fact, I do this right now - my C drive is the usual location for all 
executables (FrameMaker, Office, compilers, etc.) and my E drive contains all 
my other files (including the books and files I work on).

And, I do not have any problems with this setup whatsoever. I am surprised that 
Adobe thinks that this would be a problem in any way! If really accurate, this 
would be a strange, and completely unacceptable, artificial constraint.

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