I want to remove rogue character formats and replace them with correct
ones. I've used Character Tools to generate a list of formats by file so I
know which ones are in each document of my book. I choose "Character
Format..." in the Find/Change palette, type the character format name in
the entry field, check the "Consider Case" checkbox, check the "Document"
radio button to check only the open document, and click "Find."

Usually, the "Find Character Format" dialog appears. I can't possibly
remember all the properties I assigned to every format I created, and
certainly wouldn't know the properties of a rogue or legacy style that I
didn't create. I just want to find the format by the name assigned to it.
Shouldn't those names appear in the scrollable entry field of the
Find/Change palette, the same way paragraph styles do? (Not even default
character styles show up.) Must I generate a long CT report on all styles
to get the properties to complete this dialog?

If I close this dialog and try again, a "Specify the character format to
find" alert appears.

My documents have only an A flow. I doubt the character format I'm looking
for would be on a master page. Even if a style or two were in an unanchored
box, for example, that doesn't explain all styles not being available or

I'm sure this is a case of user error. What am I doing wrong?

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