It will also match head, head.1, head.2, ....

On 7/9/2013 3:47 PM, Scott Prentice wrote:
> While we're on the subject .. an unfortunate tag searching issue 
> happens if your tag names contain hyphens, and you try to use the 
> "Whole Word" option. FM will match on partial tag names where search 
> string matches a hyphen-delimited "word" in your tag name. For 
> example, if you have tags named "head1" and "task-head1" .. and you 
> search for "head1", it will match on both of the tags.
> Cheers,
> ...scott
> On 7/9/13 2:37 PM, Fred Ridder wrote:
>> I just confirmed that "Consider Case" really is active in tag 
>> searches--peculiar but true.
>> But since this is actually the case, you'd probably want to leave it 
>> OFF if you've got the kind of bad naming practices you mention.
>> If you tell FrameMaker to consider case, then you'd have to do 
>> *separate* searches for "italic" and "Italic" (and for "ITALIC" or 
>> any camel-case variations). But with "Consider Case" inactive, 
>> searching for "italic" return results for *any* instance of those 6 
>> letters in that order *regardless of case*. Covering all permutations 
>> of upper-case and lower case letters in the name of a 6-letter tag 
>> would take 64 (2^6) separate searches with "consider case" ON, but 
>> only one search with "consider case" OFF.
>> -Fred Ridder
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